Business Overview

Ocean Pacific Investment Asia Group
Business Overview

We provide long-short investment product to our clients on a single and multiple managed funds, we construct and develop structure investment funds and finance to advanced clients investment needs. We will continue to invest in research, technology, infrastructure and talent as we deliver best result for our clients.

We have over US75bn for our global clients and investors funds under management. We operate traditional risk management system that allows investors to cash in on new emerging opportunity leveraging our portfolios, our short term investment has made us to cash in on emerging market portfolios. We work 2 ways with our clients and private investors to ensure all party on same level on the basis of mutual agreement and on an agreed time frame.

We believe this capability allows us to respond to our clients’ needs and market opportunities with greater speed, flexibility and assurance.

Regulatory Landscape

In an ever-changing regulatory landscape, we are committed to effectively combining accountability with high organisational performance.

In an ever changing regulatory landscape, we combine accountability, transparency with high performance, our regulatory entities cut across multiple jurisdictions giving us cutting hedge in the investment landscape

Our compliance and legal team follows our simple rule book function doing the right thing in the most simple and effective way in all of our operations across board. Our legal team and accounting firm are located across our jurisdiction. We commit investment in constant training of our team to ensure all requirements and processes are captured and treated in an agreed time frame and to ensure client requirement needs and solutions are meant as agreed.