Risk Management

Ocean Pacific Investment Asia Group

Robust risk management systems and techniques to improve performance

We maintain rigorous oversight risk function on all client investment with relativity to portfolio exposure, liquidity and balance sheet. We are on a regularly basis review our operational risk profile that meet the adequacy of our risk mitigation where it occurs. Our risk analysis cut across high level and mid level management team ensuring risk are captured on real-time basis through a risk monitory system put in place to checkmate patterns and risk severity and tolerance level. Our risk team are fully involved in all of our investment businesses from day to day operations to risk monitoring and quantitative analyses. Our responsibility is to attain high standard of behavior both corporate  and individual which underpin our reputation that maintain trust and loyalty of our clients and investors.

We have in-house automated risk monitoring system that is predictive, analytical and unparalleled to global data , it helps to quickly identify consequential changes in risk and Know who your business customers before you expose your business.


Small Business

We help to maximize your ROI and grow relationship across all platform.

Our Approach
We have short and long term focused investment approach in managing portfolio liquidity using fundamental technique to select investments from public and private equity interest across global industries. We invest in companies based on thorough assessment of each company business model and the quality of their management team and risk assessment report.